Other Telehandler Attachments

Enhance the versatility and performance of your telehandler. We offer a variety of convenient telehandler attachments that enable you to handle an even wider range of jobs easier and faster.


Concrete Hopper

  • Fit rough Terrain Forklifts or Telescopic Lifts

  • Choose from a Manual or Hydraulic Gate

  • Easily place concrete in hard to reach areas

  • Available in 3/4 yard capacity

  • Slips over your fork tines

Manual Chute: 
Includes a lever to open and close the gate

Hydraulic Chute: 
Includes cylinder and fittings.  Does not include hoses and couplers.  Requires one hydraulic circuit.

Trash Hoppers

  • Slips over fork tines

  • High Capacity Hoppers

  • Fork pockets are 48" deep and will fit tines up to 2.5" thick X 7.5" wide

  • Chain equipped with a shurlock hook to secure the hopper to the pallet fork frame.

  • Generally used for site clean-up and roofing material removal

Available sizes:

4' X 5' X 5'
3.5 cu. yd.
730 lbs.

4' x 5' x 7'
5.0 cu. yd.
920 lbs.

4' x 5' x 8'
5.7 cu. yd.
1020 lbs.


4' x 5' x 9'
  6.5 cu.yd.
1120 lbs.

trash-hopper front.jpg
trash-hopper back1.jpg


Converts your telehandler to a skidsteer coupler

Zinc coated leveler and springs
Available for most telehandlers

**Never use with a work platform or truss jib.  Not intended to support a load or personnel.  This is intended for material buckets, augers, brooms, etc.

Spreader Bars

  • Fits Telehandlers and Forklifts

  • The fork pockets hold the Spreader Bar at 24" on center.

  • The 3/4" pins secure the spreader bar to your forks

  • Fork Pocket fit tines up to 3.50" thick x 7.50" wide.

Comes standard with two 5 ton swivel hooks and two shackles for the top of the plate

Available sizes: 

8' to 12'

10' to 15'

13' to 20'


Smart Hooks

Swivel Hook with Smart Hook
14,000 lbs capacity
Slips over your fork tines
Holds a Hook at 24” on center
Know how much your load weighs and consult your load chart before
extending the boom on your Telehandler
Easily fits onto any Telehandler or Forklift
Battery life is 60 hours continuous use
Operating temperature = (-10 to +50 C°; 14 to 122° F)
Range is 2,300 feet
Environmental protection IP 65
Large numbers
Displays in pounds or tonne
Live load
Updates every 3 seconds
Comes with a padded carrying case
Load Shackle
The smart hooks accuaracy is <+/- 1.0%
Battery life is 1,200 hours continuous use
Operating temperature = (-10 to +50° C; 14 to 122° F)
Enviromental protection level is IP 67
Transmission distance 2,300 feet (clear line of sight)
10 lbs. resolution

Post Drivers

Makes driving posts easy
Safely vibrates the posts into the ground
Drives wood or steel posts
Ease of operation is ideal for rental applications
Heavy Duty Mounting Plate 3/4" thickness
Standard Plumb Bob Chain and Depth Gauge for precise post installation
Standard Post Puller Chain for removal of unwanted posts
3 models available
Several options and tools available


Options for PD 1850 &  PD 1600  P
Hydraulic Rotator 25* Left & Right
Auger Drive 2" Hex w/4" Bit

Post Driver.jpg